Spacemacs is a distribution for Emacs.



Shortcut Description
SPC f File
SPC p Project
SPC t Toggle
SPC b Buffer
SPC m Major mode
, Same as SPC m
SPC g Git
SPC l Layout
SPC a Apps
SPC h Help


Description Shortcut
Terminal SPC '
Search SPC /

SPC h - Help

Description Shortcut
Spacemacs help SPC
Layers l
Documentation r
Vimtutor T

SPC f - File

Description Shortcut
Save s
Save all S
Copy c
Delete D
Show filename y

SPC b - Buffer

Description Shortcut
Next buffer (:bnext) n
Previous buffer (:bprev) p
Delete buffer (:bd) d

SPC f e - Config

Description Shortcut
Edit config d
Edit config and template D
Reload config R

SPC w - Window

Description Shortcut
Help .
Select h / j / k / l
Move H / J / K / L
Split s
Split & follow S
Split vert v
Split vert & follow V

SPC p - Project

Description Shortcut
Switch project l
Switch project p
Open files & recent h
Open files f
Show tree t
Open terminal '
Open terminal in root $ t

SPC l w - Workspaces

Description Shortcut
Help ?
Switch previous layout TAB
Switch to nth workspace 09
Rename R

SPC t - Toggle

Description Shortcut
Line numbers n

Major modes


Shortcut Description
, - Insert horizontal rule
, h 1 Insert H1

Other layers


Shortcut Description
SPC g s Status
SPC g m Open dispatch menu
SPC g m s Stage
SPC g m P p Push
SPC g m c Commit
SPC g t Open time machine
SPC g l l Open in GitHub
SPC g l L Show GitHub URL

Version control is provided by Magit.

Emacs standard


Description Emacs Spacemacs
Save C-x C-s SPC f s
Open C-x C-f SPC f f
Close C-x C-k  
Split horizontal C-x 2 SPC w h
Split vertical C-x 3 SPC w v
Confirm C-c C-c  
Abort C-c C-k  


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