Package management

Command Description
npm i Alias for npm install
npm install Install everything in package.json
npm install --production Install everything in package.json, except devDependecies
npm install lodash Install a package
npm install --save-dev lodash Install as devDependency
npm install --save-exact lodash Install with exact

--save is the default as of npm@5. Previously, using npm install without --save doesn’t update package.json.

Install names

Command Description
npm i sax NPM package
npm i sax@latest Specify tag latest
npm i sax@3.0.0 Specify version 3.0.0
npm i sax@">=1 <2.0" Specify version range
npm i @org/sax Scoped NPM package
npm i user/repo GitHub
npm i user/repo#master GitHub
npm i github:user/repo GitHub
npm i gitlab:user/repo GitLab
npm i /path/to/repo Absolute path
npm i ./archive.tgz Tarball
npm i Tarball via HTTP


Command Description
npm list Lists the installed versions of all dependencies in this software
npm list -g --depth 0 Lists the installed versions of all globally installed packages
npm view Lists the latest versions of all dependencies in this software
npm outdated Lists only the dependencies in this software which are outdated


Command Description
npm update Update production packages
npm update --dev Update dev packages
npm update -g Update global packages
npm update lodash Update a package


Command Description
npm rm lodash Remove package production packages

Misc features

# Add someone as an owner
# list packages
npm ls
# Adds warning to those that install a package of old versions
npm deprecate PACKAGE@"< 0.2.0" "critical bug fixed in v0.2.0"
# update all packages, or selected packages
npm update [-g] PACKAGE
# Check for outdated packages
npm outdated [PACKAGE]
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