• parse_block_html - process kramdown syntax inside blocks
  • parse_span_html - process kramdown syntax inside inlines
  • html_to_native - convert html elements to native elements

For the GFM parser:

  • hard_wrap

For jekyll (gh-pages)

# _config.yml
markdown: kramdown
  input: GFM

Footnotes (Kramdown)

This is some text.[^1]. Other text.[^footnote].

[^1]: Some *crazy* footnote definition.

Abbreviations (Kramdown)

This is some text not written in HTML but in another language!

*[another language]: It's called Markdown
*[HTML]: HyperTextMarkupLanguage

Classes and IDs (Kramdown)

A simple paragraph with an ID attribute.
{: #para-one}

> A blockquote with a title
{:title="The blockquote title"}
{: #myid}

* {:.cls} This item has the class "cls"

    Some code here