Command Description
brew install git Install a package
brew uninstall git Remove/Uninstall a package
brew upgrade git Upgrade a package
brew unlink git Unlink
brew link git Link
brew switch git 2.5.0 Change versions
brew list --versions git See what versions you have

More package commands

Command Description
brew info git List versions, caveats, etc
brew cleanup git Remove old versions
brew edit git Edit this formula
brew cat git Print this formula
brew home git Open homepage
brew search git Search for formulas

Global commands

Command Description
brew update Update brew and cask
brew upgrade Upgrade all packages
brew list List installed
brew outdated What’s due for upgrades?
brew doctor Diagnose brew issues

Brew Cask commands

Command Description
brew install --cask firefox Install the Firefox browser
brew list --cask List installed applications

Cask commands are used for interacting with graphical applications.

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